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Motorcycle handlebar ends - not only a visual highlight, but also functional at the highest level

Motorbike handlebar ends - not only a visual highlight, but also functional at the highest level. Made from high-quality aluminium alloy, our handlebar ends guarantee unique quality. The classic design and special colour selection allow you to design your motorbike handlebars to suit your personal taste - for a unique look. With a vehicle-specific adapter to match the motorbike, they are easy to fit and offer additional stability and safety Minimising oscillations and vibrations significantly increases riding comfort.

Give your motorbike an individual touch and choose from up to eight anodised colours and 3 different designs. Experience improved riding optimisation with our motorbike handlebar weights.

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Vehicle-specific mounting adapter

Aluminium CNC milled

Handlebar end mirrors can be mounted directly

Product photo of probrake handlebar end Cone

Vehicle-specific mounting adapter

Aluminium CNC milled

Handlebar end mirrors can be mounted directly

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Minimises oscillations & vibrations

Vehicle-specific mounting adapter

Weight per handlebar end 110 g

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What are the advantages of motorbike handlebar ends?

Handlebar ends, also known as handlebar grips or handlebar weights, are fitted to the ends of the motorbike handlebars. They mainly serve as a safety and comfort function. They are usually made of aluminium or metal and are CNC machined. Accuracy of fit and simple installation are basic requirements. Various anodised colours enable a classy and stylish look.

The fixed connection of the handlebar to the motorbike and the free end, in combination with the geometry, mass distribution and modulus of elasticity, have the property that resonances can occur at certain frequencies. The addition of handlebar end weights does not reduce the ability to generate resonance. Instead, it merely shifts the frequency of the resonances by slightly changing the geometry and influencing the mass distribution. It resembles a spring-mass pendulum system.

The ultimate damping against vibration with handlebar weights - for more riding pleasure

Motorcycles often generate vibrations while riding, which can be transmitted to the handlebars. The handlebar weights specially developed for motorbikes serve as additional mass on the handlebars to absorb the vibrations and improve stability. This results in more precise steering and an overall smooth and comfortable riding experience. This positive feature helps to protect the driver's hand from fatigue.

Handlebar ends offer maximum comfort: ergonomic extension for an optimum hand position

Handlebar ends are the perfect addition for maximum comfort while riding. They offer an ergonomic extension of the handlebars to enable an optimum hand position. The different grip options allow you to position your hands comfortably and relaxed while riding. This reduces fatigue in the hands and forearm and enables longer rides without discomfort. The well-known "tingling" or a feeling of numbness can be reduced.
The ergonomic shape of the handlebar ends also promotes a natural hand position and ensures improved handling of the handlebars. This allows you to make your ride more pleasant and take comfort to a new level while riding.

Additional protection for motorbike handlebars with high-quality handlebar ends 

Protect your motorbike handlebars reliably and stylishly with high-quality handlebar ends. These practical accessories offer effective protection against damage and wear. They act as a buffer and prevent direct contact between the handlebars and obstacles in the event of a fall or impact. Thanks to their robust construction and the use of high-quality materials, motorbike handlebar ends offer a long-lasting and stable solution for protecting your motorbike handlebars.

In addition to the protection factor, handlebar ends also contribute to the aesthetic enhancement of your motorbike. They are available in various designs and finishes so that you can choose the style that best suits your motorbike.

Elegance on the handlebars: with stylish motorbike handlebar ends

Achieve the highest level of attractiveness on your motorbike handlebars - with stylish handlebar ends. These small but significant details can make all the difference to the appearance of your motorbike. With a variety of designs, processed materials and colour options, you can give your handlebars a personal and unique touch.
Whether you opt for minimalist and modern designs, retro-inspired elements or eye-catching accents, the selection of handlebar ends offers you countless possibilities to express your own style. Invest in high-quality handlebar ends to make your ride not only stylish but also functional and impress on the road with your unique motorbike handlebar end design.

Handlebar end conversion: Stylish and ergonomic comfort for your motorbike handlebars

The conversion of handlebar ends is a great way to improve the handlebars on your motorbike and give them a great touch. With a wide selection of high-quality handlebar ends, you can customise the look of your motorbike to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a modern look or an eye-catching design, there are countless options to express your personal style.

In addition, bar ends often offer ergonomic advantages by allowing an optimised hand position and better grip comfort. This not only contributes to an improved riding experience, but can also prevent fatigue. With the handlebar ends, you can take the riding feel and aesthetics of your motorbike to a new level and present yourself on the road in a stylish and unique way.

Optimise your handlebars with ease: practical attachment of motorbike handlebar ends

Mounting handlebar ends is a simple and effective way to optimise the handlebars on your motorbike. With high-quality handlebar ends, you can not only improve the appearance of your motorbike, but also enjoy some practical benefits.
The installation of handlebar ends provides an additional grip surface on the handlebars, which leads to better control and stability. This is particularly helpful when riding on uneven roads or when cornering.
In addition, handlebar ends serve as protection for your hands by reducing direct contact with obstacles in the event of a fall or impact. They help to reduce vibrations and fatigue in the hands and forearms during longer journeys. The installation of bar ends does not usually require any specialised technical knowledge.
Avoid vibrations in racing: Handlebar weights for maximum stability

Handlebar weights are not only popular in racing, but also with many riders who want to achieve a race distance with low vibrations. The use of additional mass effectively suppresses the effect of unwanted vibrations
Both handlebar weights or additional weights bolted under the aluminium pegs fulfil the same function. Their main aim is to minimise unwanted vibrations and enable a smooth riding experience, especially during demanding races. Riders rely on these proven solutions to endure the race distance vibration-free and have better control over their motorbike.

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