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Steel Braided Motorcycles

Steel Braided Brake Lines for Motorcycles - By probrake

Steel braided brake lines are the ideal choice for motorcyclists looking for improved braking performance and longer lifespan. A steel braided brake line for your motorcycle provides enhanced durability compared to traditional brake lines, ensuring perfect transmission of braking force.

What is a Steel Braided Brake Line?

A steel braided brake line consists of a flexible steel mesh that is surrounded by a protective sleeve. This sleeve shields the brake line from dirt, dust, and moisture, thus increasing its durability and longevity. Compared to traditional rubber brake lines, a steel braided brake line is more resistant to external influences.

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Advantages of Steel Braided Brake Lines for Motorcycles

There are several benefits to using steel braided brake lines for your motorcycle. Below we have summarized the main advantages for you:

- Improved Braking Performance: The increased durability of the lines leads to improved braking performance, particularly critical in situations like heavy braking or braking while cornering.
- Enhanced Safety: A steel braided brake line can significantly improve your safety by reducing the risk of brake failure and, thus, accidents. During critical moments, they ensure reliable braking action.

- Longer Lifespan: Due to their construction and protective sleeve, the brake lines are more resilient to external forces and therefore last longer than traditional rubber brake lines.

- Aesthetics: Besides functional advantages, steel braided brake lines can also improve the appearance of your motorcycle. Compared to traditional brake lines, steel braided brake lines are available in different colors, allowing for perfect customization to your bike’s design. Additionally, the steel mesh in the line itself is often visible, giving your motorcycle a sporty and technical look.

Steel Braided Brake Lines with ABE

To ensure you're legally and safely on the road with our probrake brake lines, our brake lines come with a valid ABE (General Operating Permit). The ABE confirms that our brake lines comply with the applicable safety standards and are approved for road use.

Our steel braided brake lines are manufactured in our own production facility in accordance with international EC directives and also meet the strict US standards FMVSS 106 and DOT. By using steel mesh combined with an original TEFLON® inner core (PTFE), sustainable strength is achieved. With a tensile strength of over 240 kilopascals and a burst pressure of 966 bar, the steel braided brake line is particularly robust and resilient.

Motorcycle Steel Braided Brake Lines - Made in Germany

Probrake steel braided brake lines for your motorcycle are produced in our manufacturing facility in Teningen near Freiburg, Germany. At probrake, we place great emphasis on quality and craftsmanship. Our skilled employees produce each brake line carefully and with great attention to detail. Each line is inspected for its visual appearance and quality to ensure it meets our high standards. This enables us to provide our customers with a product characterized by exceptional strength and durability. We are proud to be able to produce in Germany and want our customers to rely on our products.

If you have questions about steel braided brake lines, our team of experts is available to assist you. Our team has years of experience in manufacturing and installing steel braided brake lines and can help with any questions you may have about the subject.

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