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Custom steel braided hoses

Customised steel braided hoses including parts certificate for maximum performance and safety

Customised steel flex lines - from probrake

We manufacture customised steel flex brake lines according to your wishes! Thanks to the wide range of high-quality components and combinable connections in our online configurator, we offer a large number of variations. This allows us to offer you the best customisation of braided steel flex lines to suit your specific needs.

Whether for motorbikes, cars, classic cars, commercial vehicles or especially for tuning - the free choice of cable length, connection types and brackets makes our cables suitable for every application.

The individual choice of colours for anodised connections and protective sheathing round off the range.

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Stahlflex Leitung nach Maß für Motorräder
Frei konfigurierbar in vielen Farben mit Haltern
Montagefertig mit verdrehbaren Anschlüssen
Direkt vom Hersteller - Made in Germany

Bild der Verlegearten von Stahlflex Bremsleitungen
39,95 €
in stock!
Delivery time: 1 - 2 Workdays

Stahlflex Leitung nach Maß für PKW
Frei konfigurierbar in vielen Farben mit Haltern
Montagefertig mit verdrehbaren Anschlüssen
Direkt vom Hersteller - Made in Germany

Bild der Verlegearten von Stahlflex Bremsleitungen
44,95 €
in stock!
Delivery time: 1 - 2 Workdays

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Customised perfection: the Stahlflex configurator for brake and clutch lines

In the world of modern vehicle construction, customisation is a key element for performance and safety. The steel flex configurator from probrake offers a revolutionary way to design customised brake and clutch lines for any vehicle. This innovation enables vehicle owners and enthusiasts to equip their vehicles with precision-manufactured steel braided lines that are specifically tailored to their individual needs and requirements.

The importance of customised steel braided lines cannot be emphasised enough. They are crucial for maximising the performance and safety of any vehicle. Steel braided lines offer significant advantages over conventional rubber hoses, including improved brake responsiveness, increased resistance to physical and chemical impacts and a longer service life. These advantages are crucial for a safe and efficient driving experience.

The probrake steel flex configurator is revolutionising the way vehicles are equipped for maximum performance and safety. By providing a user-friendly, interactive platform that allows users to configure their Stahlflex lines to their exact specifications, probrake is setting new standards in vehicle personalisation. This innovative approach guarantees that every brake and clutch line perfectly matches the specific requirements and preferences of the vehicle and driver.

With the Stahlflex configurator, it is easier than ever to take a vehicle to a new level of performance and safety. The customised production of each cable ensures that every vehicle receives the best possible braking response and performance. This is an essential factor that not only improves the safety of the driver, but also that of the traffic as a whole.

In summary, probrake's steel braided configurator offers an unrivalled opportunity to optimise vehicle performance and safety. By making customised steel braided lines accessible, it ensures that every vehicle is optimally equipped to meet the demands of modern roads and challenging driving conditions. For the modern vehicle owner, this is an essential tool to ensure the best possible performance and safety.

High-quality components and precision manufacturing: A look behind the scenes of the Stahlflex Configurator

The Stahlflex configurator from probrake stands for technical excellence, which is expressed in every detail of the high-quality components and their production in Teningen. Each component is made from carefully selected materials to meet the highest quality standards. Production takes place in Teningen, where every Stahlflex line is manufactured under strict quality controls. These checks ensure that each line fulfils the demanding requirements for performance and safety.

An essential element of the quality assurance process is the TÜV certificate, which is issued for every steel flex line. This certificate is more than just a certificate; it is proof of compliance with strict safety and quality standards. It guarantees that each line not only meets probrake's high requirements, but also fulfils internationally recognised standards.

To summarise, probrake's steel flex configurator offers a combination of high-quality materials, advanced manufacturing technology and strict quality controls. This ensures that every steel braided line that leaves the factory is a masterpiece of precision and reliability. For the discerning vehicle owner, this means the certainty that their vehicle is equipped with the best brake and clutch lines available.

A decade of safety: probrake's 10-year warranty as proof of trust

probrake emphasises its confidence in the quality of its steel flex lines by offering an impressive 10-year guarantee. This long-term guarantee reflects the company's confidence in its products and the manufacturing process. It is a clear commitment to longevity, reliability and customer satisfaction.

This 10-year guarantee is more than just a promise - it is proof of the outstanding quality and durability of probrake's steel flex lines. It gives customers the assurance that their investment in probrake products is protected in the long term. With this guarantee, probrake demonstrates its commitment to the highest standards in product quality and customer service.

Personalised perfection: The steel braided configurator for a unique braking experience

The Stahlflex configurator from probrake revolutionises the braking experience for motorcyclists and car drivers through customisation and individualisation. This innovative tool allows users to configure their brake and clutch lines according to their specific requirements and preferences. Whether it's the choice of length, connection type or colour, the configurator offers a variety of options to achieve a perfect match with the respective vehicle.

Customisation has a direct impact on vehicle performance. Precisely customised steel flex lines contribute to a more precise brake feel and improved control. This is particularly important for vehicles that are operated under extreme conditions or at high speeds. With the Stahlflex configurator, every driver can select the optimum brake lines for their specific vehicle model and driving style to maximise safety and performance.

The configurator is not just a tool for performance enhancement; it is also an expression of probrake's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. By providing such a detailed and user-friendly platform, probrake demonstrates its understanding of the needs of modern drivers and ensures that every vehicle is equipped with the best possible brake and clutch lines.

Why probrake steel braided lines? Superior quality and technology

probrake steel braided lines are at the forefront of the industry and offer numerous specific advantages that set them apart from other products. One of the key features is the precise pressure point of the lines, which enables a more precise and responsive braking feel. This precise pressure point plays a decisive role in vehicle safety, especially in critical driving situations or at high speeds.

Another advantage is the simple installation of the steel flex lines. Thanks to the swivelling connections and the detailed installation instructions supplied, vehicle owners can easily install the lines themselves. This saves time and money and enables quick adjustment or maintenance.

In addition, the probrake steel braided lines are exceptionally resistant to environmental influences and animal bites. The robust construction ensures that the lines function reliably even under extreme conditions and over long periods of time.

Another key element of probrake steel flex lines is that they are manufactured directly by probrake. With over 10 years of experience and T&V certification, probrake stands for quality and reliability. This experience and the continuous development of the technology ensure that every steel flex line meets the highest standards in terms of performance and safety.

To summarise, probrake steel braided lines offer a superior combination of technological innovation, ease of use and long-lasting reliability. This makes them an unbeatable choice for vehicle owners who value safety, performance and quality.

Optimise your vehicle with the probrake Stahlflex configurator

Take the opportunity to optimise the braking performance and safety of your vehicle with the probrake steel braiding configurator. This user-friendly tool allows you to customise the perfect steel braided lines for your vehicle.

Steps for using the configurator:

1. visit the probrake website and open the Stahlflex configurator.

2. select the type of vehicle you want to configure: Motorbike or car

3. determine the length, connection type and colour of your cables

4. check your selection and place the configured cables in the shopping basket. shopping basket.

5. finalise the purchase to receive your customised steel flex lines.

With just a few clicks, you can significantly increase the performance and safety of your vehicle. Use the probrake steel flex configurator now for a customised solution.

Customer testimonials: Experiences with probrake steel braided lines

The satisfaction and positive feedback from customers who use probrake steel braided lines are a decisive indicator of the quality and performance of these products. In numerous customer reviews and testimonials, users emphasise the outstanding properties of the customised steel flex lines. In particular, they praise the improved braking response, increased safety and ease of installation. These feedbacks underline probrake's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction and serve as a valuable guide for potential buyers.

Conclusion and your opportunity to contact probrake

The probrake Stahlflex configurator offers an unrivalled combination of customisation, top quality and improved vehicle safety. By using this innovative tool, you can significantly increase the braking performance of your vehicle while benefiting from an exact pressure point and increased durability.

For more information or to order your customised steel flex lines, please visit the probrake website. There you will find all the necessary contact details and can get in touch directly with the experienced probrake team to discuss your specific requirements.

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