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Steel braided lines for cars


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braking next level - safe driving with our steel flex lines for your car!

Proven in racing, now for your car: original probrake steel braided lines set new standards in braking performance. Experience a precise and stable pressure point that not only benefits sporty drivers. Noticeably more safety, maintenance-free and an individual look thanks to a wide range of colors.

The probrake steel braided lines are the best quality alternative to conventional rubber brake hoses. Thanks to the 8-fold steel braided hose coating over the Teflon inner core, they do not expand and guarantee a constant pressure point with optimum braking performance. Even at high temperatures, the braking effect remains constant. The design of our hydraulic lines prevents moisture absorption, which significantly extends the intervals between brake fluid changes, even in ABS systems. probrake steel flex lines offer the best and most cost-effective performance enhancement for your braking system.

With high-quality V2A stainless steel connections and general operating permit (ABE), our steel braided brake lines are supplied ready for installation, especially for your vehicle - without additional registration costs.

  • Ready to mount & perfect fit for your car
  • TÜV tested, with ABE & registration-free
  • Long durability & high quality standard
  • High-quality materials
  • 10-year guarantee and Made in Germany
  • Customised length as required
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Why steel flex brake lines?

Compared to traditional rubber brake lines, steel braided brake lines are more flexible, more heat-resistant and more resistant to pressure and corrosion. These properties ensure a constant and precisely controllable brake pressure point. This is particularly advantageous in critical riding situations, as the brakes react immediately and reliably. The steel flex brake line therefore allows faster transmission of brake pressure from the pedal to the brakes, which shortens the braking distance and improves reaction time.

Tailored solutions

With us, you have the option of having your steel flex brake lines made to measure. Our configurator for steel braided brake lines for cars makes it possible. Simply select the manufacturer of your vehicle and we will ensure the perfect fit.

Longevity and cost efficiency: the unbeatable advantages of steel braided brake lines for cars

Choosing steel braided brake lines for your car is a smart investment in outstanding performance, durability and cost efficiency. Compared to conventional rubber brake lines, steel braided lines offer significantly greater robustness and durability. They are designed to withstand the fluctuations of extreme temperatures and are far less susceptible to cracks, leaks or expansion. The resulting reduction in maintenance and longer brake system life means significant savings for you over time. In other words, you make a one-off investment in higher quality and enjoy the benefits for years to come, as spare parts and repairs are required less frequently.

Easy installation: steel flex brake lines make it easy for you

The installation of brake lines can vary in complexity depending on the material used. In this context, steel flex brake lines prove to be particularly user-friendly. They are generally easier and quicker to install than their rubber counterparts. One reason for this is the precise fit, which has been specially developed for the respective car model. This minimizes the margin for error during installation and ensures optimum integration into the existing brake system of your car. In most cases, the necessary installation materials and instructions are already included in the scope of delivery, which further simplifies the installation process. Often, even amateur mechanics can carry out the installation without professional help, which also saves you workshop costs and time.

Additional advantages

- Marten protection: Steel flex lines are resistant to the dreaded marten bite, which is a well-known problem in rural areas in particular.
- Practical everyday use: With their easily rotatable connections, they are extremely practical in everyday use.
- Certified quality: Our steel flex brake lines are manufactured according to international EC guidelines and comply with US standards FMVSS 106 and DOT.
- Optional plastic sheathing: You can order plastic sheathing as an additional option.
- Teflon interior: A Teflon interior inside the cable provides additional robustness.

This wide-ranging compatibility sends a clear signal to the automotive industry: high-performance brakes are not only available for special models or luxury cars. They are accessible to all drivers who want optimum safety and performance for their vehicle. This makes braided steel brake lines the ideal choice for anyone who does not want to compromise on braking performance.

Made in Germany

All probrake steel braided brake lines for cars are manufactured in Teningen near Freiburg. We therefore guarantee the highest quality and reliability.


Steel flex brake lines for cars are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to improve the braking performance and safety of their vehicle. With a host of benefits such as durability, cost efficiency and ease of installation, they set a new standard in vehicle technology.

Take the initiative now and invest in a safer and more comfortable driving experience with probrake steel braided brake lines for cars. It's an investment that pays off in the long run.

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