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The ultimate protection for your bike! Our crash pads set new standards - where function and design meet our revolutionary absorber technology. This provides an additional crumple zone and therefore even better protection for the engine and frame. Complete the protection of your motorbike with our engine cover, which directly covers your engine and clutch housing. Axle Pads provide additional effective protection for the axle and wheel area. Another perfect addition to this are the Lever Guards, which provide optimum protection for the steering and dashboard area. Rely on our advanced protection system technology and enjoy every bend with peace of mind.

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Motorbike crash pads: A must-have for every biker!

Motorbike riding is more than just a hobby for many people - it's a passion. But no matter how experienced you are, there is always the risk of a crash. To protect the motorbike and reduce damage in the event of a fall, there are numerous versions of crash pads. But what exactly are crash pads, how do they work and why should you consider them?

What are motorbike crash pads

Crash pads, also known as frame sliders or crash pads, are protective devices that are attached to strategic points on the motorbike. They are usually mounted on the frame, engine or other exposed parts. They are used to minimise direct contact between the motorbike and the asphalt in the event of a fall or tip-over, thus reducing damage to the motorbike.

How do crash pads work

The principle behind crash pads is relatively simple: they absorb and distribute some of the impact energy and ensure that the largest part of the motorbike does not come into direct contact with the ground. The pads are made of robust materials, usually special plastic or metal, and can therefore absorb a large proportion of the impact forces.

Why should you consider crash pads?

A motorbike is more than just a means of transport - for many, it is a beloved possession and represents freedom and adventure. Protection against potential damage is therefore of great importance. An accident or fall without crash pads can not only cause unsightly scratches and dents, but also serious damage to essential components such as the engine, frame or panelling. Such damage can require expensive repairs and impair the functionality of the motorbike. The use of crash pads significantly reduces the risk of direct contact and therefore serious damage, thereby reducing potentially high repair costs.

Avoidance of consequential damage

A fall can have far-reaching consequences, especially if no protective mechanisms such as crash pads are in place. Without these, for example, the tank or pipes can be damaged, resulting in leaking liquids such as oil or petrol. This not only harbours environmental hazards, but also increases the risk of consequential accidents or even fires, especially in the event of contact with hot motorbike parts.

Reduction in value

Any investment, especially one as important as a motorbike, should be protected. A motorbike that is kept in optimum condition and free from accident damage retains a significantly higher resale value. Crash pads can make a decisive contribution to maintaining the value of the motorbike over the years.


In addition to their practical benefits, crash pads also have an aesthetic aspect. Many bikers appreciate the robust and racing look that crash pads can give a motorbike. They can serve as a statement and show that the rider values both safety and style.

Motorbike brands and their relationship with crash pads

When talking about motorbikes, one can't help but mention the world-famous brands that have been around for decades or even over a century and have captured the hearts of motorbike enthusiasts. The importance of crash pads varies depending on the brand and type of motorbike.

BMW: BMW motorbikes are known for their engineering skills and touring capability. For models such as the GS series, which are often ridden off-road, crash pads can be essential to protect the motorbike from rough terrain and possible impacts.

Ducati: This Italian brand is famous for its sporty and powerful machines. Crash pads are almost a must for their Supersport models in particular, as they not only protect against crashes at high speeds and sharp cornering, but also against side slipping.

Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki& Kawasaki: These Japanese giants have a wide range of motorbikes, from super sports bikes to cruisers. Depending on the model and intended use, crash pads can be of crucial importance. For example, they are often found on sports bikes such as the Honda CBR, Yamaha R1 or Kawasaki Ninja.

KTM: As a brand that is deeply rooted in the off-road and motocross scene, many KTM models already offer a certain level of protection for rough terrain. Nevertheless, many owners also opt for crash pads to provide additional protection.

Why choose a probrake crash pad?

In the motorbike sector, the name probrake not only stands for high-quality brake solutions, but also for excellent safety products such as crash pads. With decades of experience and a passion for innovation, probrake has dedicated itself to the protection and safety of motorcyclists and their bikes. Their crash pads are the result of intensive research and development, combined with practice-orientated design. So if you are looking for a combination of aesthetics, functionality and the highest quality, probrake is a manufacturer that makes no compromises and prioritises motorbike protection. Trusting probrake is another step towards a safer and more carefree motorbike experience.

Crash pads should play a central role in every motorcyclist's considerations, not only to protect their beloved two-wheeler, but also as an economic measure to avoid expensive repairs and associated costs. Safety on the motorbike should never be neglected. In this respect, crash pads offer an effective and reliable way of minimising the risk of damage and injury and increasing the overall level of safety when riding, alongside many other available protective devices.

Our team of experienced advisors is ready to guide you through the selection process to ensure you get the exact product that meets your individual needs and preferences. With Probrake, you're not just buying a product, you're buying a comprehensive service and the expert knowledge that ensures you and your motorbike are protected in the best possible way.

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